Hey, babes!

I was recently contacted by Michael Hill to see if I would like to try some of their latest collection. I agreed, just since their pieces are just so gorgeous!

I chose a stunning matching bangle and earring geometric triangle set in silver and cubic zirconia - how gorgeous do they look in these photos? These two are part of their newest releases.
The only thing I did find was that the bangle was really big for my wrist - I would have preferred something a bit smaller. The bangle would sit right on my elbow if I would let it! Here's a bonus photo of me wearing the pieces with a slightly cooler-toned makeup look, to go well with the silver:
I do generally suit both gold and silver, so I'll definitely be rocking these depending on what look I'm going for!

Are you more of a gold or silver person? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Lexie xx

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