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Winter is finally upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere... I'm not too happy about it to be honest, but wearing vampy red lipsticks all the time make things slightly more tolerable. Here are my 5 current favourites!
Lime Crime Wicked, US $20 - This was my first ever Lime Crime purchase, and I don't regret it one bit! Wicked is a gorgeous deep burgundy long-wearing matte lipstick. The formula is super pigmented, and not runny or thin like other liquid lipsticks.

MAC Sin, US $17 - The only traditional lipstick of the lot! The packaging I have here is a little different because I purchased it when the Rocky Horror Collection was released, but the product inside is still the same as what you'd buy from MAC now. This + MAC Nightmoth lipliner pencil makes a KILLER vampy lip.

NYX Copenhagen*, NZ $14.95 - NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are my favourite fool-proof liquid lipstick formula. I do find that lining before using Copenhagen is a MUST; it's not as long-wearing as the others due to its light, mousse-y formula. It also smells like VANILLA CUPCAKES, which is a pretty big bonus for me!

ColourPop LAX, US $6 - The darkest of the bunch, LAX is a little temperamental due to the highly pigmented, yet thin formula. It can be patchy, but it's gorgeous on if carefully applied in thin layers over a matching lipliner.

Australis Buda-pash*, NZ $15 - I'm a big fan of the Australis Velourlips formula! It's between a liquid and a mousse, and drys down to a true matte finish. The Velourlips lipsticks also smell like candy. They're incredible for the price - longwearing, pigmented, and they have such a huge range of shades.
Swatches from left to right are: MAC Sin, Australis Buda-pesh, NYX Copenhagen, Lime Crime Wicked, ColourPop LAX.

Do you have any of these in your collection? What's your favourite vampy lipstick?

Lexie xx

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