Hey everyone,

I realized recently that I'm not super loyal when it comes to top coats (except for Rica Glossy Glam for glitter, of course!) and I tend to use whatever's closest/hasn't thickened into a gloopy mess. However, the one top coat I've been consistently using because it's bloody AWESOME and cheap to boot is Essence Gel Nail Polish Top coat.
I grabbed this + the base coat in the system when I was in Australia for $5.10 each from Priceline. While the base coat was a sad let down, the top coat is frankly really impressive. It's not a true 'gel polish' (I wish companies would stop doing this tbh but I digress), but it's a really great high-shine, quick dry top coat. I've used it for pretty much every single manicure I've done since I bought it. It's self-leveling, and doesn't smudge my nail art. The only thing I don't like about this product is that I can't gauge how much product I have left due to the chrome bottle. Other than that, I fully recommend this to anyone looking for a great top coat on a budget!

Essence is available at selected Farmers nationwide (NZ), or Priceline (AU).

Lexie xx

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