Today I have a skincare review for you! Some of you might know I'm all about facemasks - I love using them as a weekly treatment to address whatever skin issue I might be dealing with that week, such as breakouts, dryness or even as a simple pick me up. I've recently purchased the Dewy Tree Vitamin C sheet masks. Something that first drew me to them was the ADORABLE packaging - I've never seen a mask packaged like this before! I also grabbed these masks because lightening dark spots left behind by acne is one of my key skin concerns, and Vitamin C is a great ingredient for doing just that.
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Some other notable ingredients the mask contains are arbutin and licorice root extract, both effective ingredients for skin brightening.
The mask contains a generous 27g of essence. The essence is lightly scented, but not overpowering. It's also not a runny essence that drips everywhere like the My Beauty Diary masks do, either. The mask itself doesn't feel flimsy and cheap; it's definitely of a quality that's appropriate of the price point.
I'm typically one of those people that leaves face masks on for a ridiculous amount of time - I'll put one on and then binge watch a TV show on Netflix, so you can bet that I had the mask on for longer than 20 minutes. I did find that the very first time I used this mask that there was a bit of a tingle on my skin, so if your skin is more on the sensitive side, I do recommend sticking to the 15-20 minutes as stated on the packaging. An ingredient of concern is alcohol - while it can help the penetration of ingredients into the skin, alcohol can be drying and irritating for some, and I do wish it wasn't an ingredient in this particular mask.

I do find that my face is overall lighter after I take the mask off, but I think it's just a temporary brightening effect from such intense, concentrated hydration. It's definitely a product that you need to use regularly for best effect.

Have you tried Dewytree sheet masks before? What are your favourite sheet masks?

Lexie xx

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