Today I have an absolutely freaking gorgeous Aussie indie to show you! Folklore is an intensely beautiful turquoise glitter polish.
It's absolutely stuffed full of holographic turquoise glitters in a turquoise jelly base. The glitter coverage is SO dense that most of my fingers only needed two coats. I say most because a couple needed a dab here and there to cover some spots that didn't quite get the glitter coverage they needed.
I topped this with a coat of Gelous top coat and a coat of Rica Glossy Glam and it dried to a perfectly smooth, glassy finish. Gelous + GG is my new favourite glitter-smoothing combo, and it makes my manis last for a long, long time. You might even be able to tell that I wore this for a few days before actually photographing it... Oops. The only caveat I have about this polish is that it's a stainer, especially if you use the soaking method to remove it. It's pretty much unavoidable unless you use a peel off base coat.

Emily de Molly polishes are available from quite a few distributors worldwide - a full list can be found here. I purchased my bottle from Mei Mei Signatures.

Have you tried Emily de Molly or any other Aussie indies?

Lexie xx