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How I Dry My Makeup Brushes: Brush Tree Review

Hi lovely readers,

It should be no surprise to you that I've become more and more interested in makeup in addition to nail polish. Accordingly, my brush collection has grown a LOT, and I recently decided that the old method of hanging my brushes to dry on a clothes hanger with some hair ties just wasn't cutting it anymore.

So, I bought a brush tree! Benjabelle is a well-known brush tree manufacturer, but at NZ$31.95+++ for a single brush tree, I just couldn't buy them when I knew there had to be a cheaper alternative on eBay. And I found one - a NZ$15 option, straight from eBay.


Swatch & Review: Star Kin Thparkly

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a unique NZ indie polish to show you! Star Kin Thparkly is a beautiful purple polish with heaps of gold/pink multichrome micro flakies. I haven't really seen anything else like this, and I'm so glad I have it in my collection.

It was insanely hard to photograph, but I think I've done well in these shots. The flakies are subtle yet add so much to the polish. The visible nail line you see in these photo was not visible in real life - I used 3 coats for opacity.
Macro time:
And because I was having such a hard time showing the multichrome-ness of it on my nails, here's a bottle shot. Loooooooook at it!!!
I topped it all off with a coat of Sally Hansen Big Shiny. I NEVER wanted to take this off, but I had to concede after it started to chip.

Have you tried any Star Kin polishes?

Lexie xx

Star Kin polishes are available on Etsy.


Lipstick Swatch & Review: Melt Cosmetics Dark Room + a DUPE!

Hi lovely readers,

Today's post has long been in the making. I wanted Dark Room badly when it first released but missed out, and I was so stoked when I found out that Melt was re-releasing it!
Shipping was insanely quick. It came in a hilariously large box for such a tiny item, and I didn't even get one of those cute mini lipstick keychains! Not going to lie, I was probably looking forward to that just as much as I was to the actual lipstick. I upended my box looking for it, and I don't think I got one. *sad trombone*
The packaging is sleek, black soft touch plastic and comes in an embossed box. My lipstick was slightly misaligned in the tube, but not badly - it's only visible when compared side-by-side with other lipsticks. I think it may have melted slightly in our summer heat. I bought Dark Room knowing full well I had similar colours in my collection (which I adore) so I thought I'd grab the closest ones for a quick comparison.
L-R: NYX Copenhagen, MAC Rebel, Melt Dark Room, MAC Fashion Revival
I've depotted Rebel and Fashion Revival into LE packaging, so please don't comment that they're fake because they're not in black packaging! (It's super annoying when people do this, so please don't). The only one not pictured above is the NYX Deep Purple Slim Lip pencil.
I only included Deep Purple because it's the lipliner that I use for pretty much all these colours, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it perfectly matched Dark Room! The little swatch below dark room in the above photo is Deep Purple, and I've done a comparison swatch of both below. Copenhagen is a touch more red, and both Rebel & Fashion Revival are a little too pink.
They're pretty much identical - so if you've been searching for a dupe/perfect lipliner match, grab Deep Purple!
Deep Purple by itself

Deep Purple is a little patchy by itself, but it makes a nice base for all of the colours I mentioned above.
Deep Purple + Dark Room
Unfortunately, I wasn't the happiest with Dark Room's formula. It had more tug than I was used to and settled into my lip lines pretty quickly. It did have minimal transfer, and didn't bleed when I wore it. You can see in the above photo that I should have exfoliated my lips beforehand, so I definitely recommend doing that before wearing this lipstick.

Have you tried any Melt Cosmetics lipsticks? Or their eyeshadow stacks? 

Lexie xx

where to buy NYX
Farmers | Beautybliss* | Makeup.co.nz | BeautyJoint

where to buy melt cosmetics
Melt Cosmetics

purchased / contains affiliate links*


Are they Dupes: Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer vs NYX Angel Veil Primer

Hey girlies!

So a little while ago, I purchased the 10ml size (NZD 29) of Hourglass Cosmetics' Mineral Veil Primer. I've heard a LOT about this primer, and jumped at the chance to try it for a (relatively) lowish price. I've found it very good, but it's also VERY expensive, so I tried looking for an alternative. Some Googling lead me to the NYX Angel Veil primer. I definitely think that Angel Veil is intended to specifically be a cheaper alternative for the Mineral Veil - NYX does have a track record of creating very similar, affordable options of more expensive products.


Swatch & Review: Emily de Molly Folklore

Hi lovelies,

Today I have an absolutely freaking gorgeous Aussie indie to show you! Folklore is an intensely beautiful turquoise glitter polish.
It's absolutely stuffed full of holographic turquoise glitters in a turquoise jelly base. The glitter coverage is SO dense that most of my fingers only needed two coats. I say most because a couple needed a dab here and there to cover some spots that didn't quite get the glitter coverage they needed.
I topped this with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Rica Glossy Glam and it dried to a perfectly smooth, glassy finish. Gelous + GG is my new favourite glitter-smoothing combo, and it makes my manis last for a long, long time. You might even be able to tell that I wore this for a few days before actually photographing it... Oops. The only caveat I have about this polish is that it's a stainer, especially if you use the soaking method to remove it. It's pretty much unavoidable unless you use a peel off base coat.

Emily de Molly polishes are available from quite a few distributors worldwide - a full list can be found here. I purchased my bottle from Mei Mei Signatures.

Have you tried Emily de Molly or any other Aussie indies?

Lexie xx

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