Hey Girls!

Today I have a lipstick from the HIGHLY anticipated MAC X Nasty Gal collaboration! The launch of this collection was pushed back so many times that many of us were left wondering if it would ever be released. The collection contains three lipsticks - Stunner, Runner, and Gunner. Gunner is a gorgeous deep purple lipstick in a matte finish. In this photo it's pictured with Runner (the red lipstick), also from the Nasty Gal collection and Hautecore (the black lipstick), which was originally released with the Punk Couture collection, and was recently re-released in an online-only sale for Black Friday.
I didn't have any major issues with application. The slight patchiness seen in this close up swatch was not visible from a normal viewing distance. I can't comment on the wear time yet - I was having corn for lunch the day I swatched this and removed it before eating. I'm pretty sure it would have been VERY messy, regardless of what lipstick I was wearing! Gunner, like most purple lipsticks, leaves a hot pink stain on your skin, so be careful when overdrawing using this color! (It happened to me with Lime Crime Pansy, not a good look...)
Gunner reminded me a lot of Punk Couture, the purple lipstick from it's eponymously named collection last year. I compared the two and found that Gunner is definitely more blue-toned than Punk Couture - Gunner is on the left and PC is on the right.  
Overall - if you're not a purple lipstick fiend like me, you probably don't need Gunner if you already have Punk Couture or another similar, deep purple lipstick.

Did you pick up anything from the Nasty Gal collection?

Lexie xx


  1. the collection looked good but I wish it had more to it then just lipsticks. Great post!

    1. At least it's not as bare bones as the MAC X Lorde collection (one eyeliner and one lipstick!) I agree with you though, I would have loved to see more. Thanks :)

  2. I didn't get any of the lipsticks from the MAC x Nasty Gal collection, but I really like the names of each lipstick ^^