Hi Girlies!

Today I have another NZ to share with you! Alan by Peacock Pie has a purple base full of dark purple, light purple, pink, red and orange glitters in varying shapes and sizes. The largest are pink stars, none of which I managed to get on my swatching hand... I recommend doing a bit of fishing to get them on your nails.

This is two coats with 1 coat of my favorite Glossy Glam topcoat. One coat was perfect, the glitter laid mostly flat except for a few stubborn ones on my right hand. Overall, I do really like this polish and can't wait to see more of Serra's beautiful creations!

Lexie xx

Peacock Pie polishes are available from Serra's Etsy Store.


  1. Oh how I envy your long, strong looking nails! Love the nail swatch x

    1. Aw thanks Kay! My secret is Duri Rejuvacote and lots of cuticle oil x