August 2014 | Alexis Adrienne


Swatch & Review: Star Kin Worble

Hey Girlies!

Today I have a new favorite from Star Kin. Worble is a robin's egg blue polish full of bright pink glitter. I love it! The colors really complement each other.


Lip Swatch: Shiro Cosmetics Why Not Zoidberg?

Hi Girlies!

I have a new (to me) indie makeup brand to share today - Shiro Cosmetics! Shiro is an independent company based in Portland, Oregon that creates gorgeous eyeshadows, lip colours and other fantastic products. Something I love about Shiro Cosmetics is that all of the products have clever names and hilarious descriptions I managed to snag four Intertubes (now discontinued) in a sale - you might have seen my Instagram post about them. I got Smashing, Over 9000, Leeroy Jenkins and Why Not Zoidberg?.


Swatch & Review: Dance Legend Amethyst

Hey Girls!

I have my first Dance Legend on the blog today! This one is called Amethyst and it's from their Sahara Crystal collection. It's a gorgeous deep eggplant textured polish with pink and purple shimmer/glitter throughout. Shown are two coats over basecoat.

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