Hey beautiful people!

Today I have MAC Pure Heroine to show you. Pure Heroine was the new shade created in the MAC x LORDE collaboration, based on Lorde's signature purple vampy lip.

This lipstick is creamy and smooth, and it can be a little bit sheer but is easily built to opacity.

Swatches from left to right: MAC Pure Heroine, Revlon Shameless, MAC Heroine, MAC Instigator, MAC Punk Couture

So, you can see that Pure Heroine is quite similar to Revlon Shameless,  Shameless is just a touch more pigmented and has a more matte finish than Pure Heroine. Heroine looks almost pink here, and Instigator looks like a deeper, matte version of Pure Heroine. Punk Couture is a cooler, deeper purple than any of the other shades.

If you're not keen on the hefty price tag that comes with MAC LE lipsticks, I would highly recommend picking up Shameless as it's quite similar for half of the price. Not a dupe, but definitely similar. It also has a matte finish, compared to Pure Heroine's Amplified finish. I really, really like Pure Heroine, but I don't think it's a must have unless you are a purple lipstick fanatic (like myself) or a big Lorde fan.

I hope you found my swatch and comparisons helpful! Do you have this lippy? What do you think?

Lexie xx


  1. I don't have any of "purple" lipsticks -only a gloss that I love by the way but I prefer wearing lipsticks than glosses so I should try pure heroine! It looks stunning on you <3