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Lipstick Swatch: Impulse Cosmetics Gamble

Hey lovely people!

Today I have a lipstick from Impulse Cosmetics, an independent makeup company. I have a shade called Gamble, which is a true royal purple lipstick.

As with my other Impulse Cosmetics lipstick, the only trouble I had with this was dealing with the flattened tip - it requires a more careful application technique than the traditional lipstick bullet does. I found this formula really similar to Two Timer as well - very pigmented, perhaps slightly stiffer, but I could apply it without any tugging on my lips.


Review: Star Kin Cuti-Cuddles Cuticle Oil

Hey Girlies!

Today I have a product which has become one of my fast favourites! Star Kin Cuti-cuddles are delightfully scented cuticle oils that come in a huge variety of scents, including Toasted Marshmallow, Lemon Meringue, Buttered Popcorn and Bay Rum. I have three - Caramel, Buttercream Frosting, and White Chocolate Macadamia. BF and WCM are fighting for the favourite scent spot at the moment!


Lipstick Swatch: MAC Pure Heroine

Hey beautiful people!

Today I have MAC Pure Heroine to show you. Pure Heroine was the new shade created in the MAC x LORDE collaboration, based on Lorde's signature purple vampy lip.


How To: Spot Fake OPIs from the Real Ones

Hi everyone!

Today, I have a post which I think will be incredibly helpful for everyone, and especially for those who shop online. One of the biggest caveats of online shopping is the threat of forgery. Many famous brands have fallen victim to counterfeiting, and OPI is no exception. Before I get started - can any of you tell just from this photo which OPI Crown Me Already! is real and which is fake?


Lipstick Swatch: MAC Goddess of the Sea

Hey Girlies!

Today I have a MAC lipstick from the Alluring Aquatic LE collection, Goddess of the Sea. It is a "dark vibrant violet" in a Cremesheen finish. I'm a sucker for anything remotely purple so I had to have this.

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