Hey Girls!

Today I have one of the new limited edition Kelly Osbourne X MAC lipsticks - Dodgy Girl! It's described as a "light lavender" on MacCosmetics.com. I find that it's more of a pink lavender with a cool undertone, rather than a true lavender like Melt Cosmetics Darling. This probably makes it just a touch more wearable!

I found this really easy to apply - no tugging or pulling. It also has that loooovely signature MAC lipstick smell. If I ever got a fake MAC lipstick, I feel like I would be able to tell on the basis of smell alone! I found that it did settle into my lip lines a little bit, but nothing a blot and a reapply wouldn't fix. It leaves a hot pink stain, too.

I compared it to the closest color I had - MAC Up the Amp, a "lavender violet". In comparison, Dodgy Girl is noticably lighter and more purple, while Up the Amp looks almost berry-toned. The finishes also differ - Dodgy Girl is a Matte formula, while Up the Amp is an Amplified Creme.

Dodgy Girl (and all of the other products in this collection!) will be available in New Zealand on August 4th, 2014 at MAC counters nationwide!

Lexie x


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    1. You doooo! I bet it will look amazing on you too :)

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  3. Wish I had got this shade as well, I just went with Kelly Yum Yum from the collection.

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