Hey Girlies!

Today, I have a polish which recently cause a lot of intrigue in the NZ polish community - a few of us found odd OPIs at reduced prices in pharmacies, and when we Googled for swatches, they didn't seem to exist! They had names such as Stir Fried Eggplant, I Don't Speak Meek, and of course, Blue Chips. I was too skeptical to accept these as really good fakes which had somehow bypassed anyone's notice. A fellow blogger did a bit of research and emailed OPI for the details on these polishes, and this is what they had to say:

"Those were custom colors we did for Winner's in Canada. It is an exclusive for them." - Teri Truong, Technician Support - OPI Products Inc.

Mystery solved! How they managed to end up in tiny pharmacies all over NZ, we don't know yet - but at least we know that they are legitimate OPI polishes and feel secure blogging about them.

Blue Chips has a bright, metallic blue base full of small holographic glitters. The glitters are large enough to make the texture of the polish slightly gritty upon application. My single coat of HK Girl wasn't enough to completely smooth the glitters out, so depending on your top coat, I'd smack on two layers for that glassy smooth finish.

I thought this polish was really stinkin' pretty and was loath to remove it when it started chipping (after 5 days!) I also find that this polish is quite unique in my collection, and I'm quite happy to have it!

Lexie xx