Kia ora Girlies!

I made a recent order from Impulse Cosmetics on Etsy for two of their lipsticks, Two Timer and Gamble. The focus of today's post will be Two Timer, a gorgeous blue-toned, pin-up red lipstick. Something different about these particular lipsticks is that they do not have a traditional, angled tip, which made Two Timer slightly difficult for me to work with. I managed to get it to work for me in the end though! I lined my lips using the flattened edge of the lippie before applying.

These lipsticks are very smooth and pigmented. So so smooth and pigmented. I need more!

As I said before, I was slightly thrown off by the flattened tip and would definitely recommend using a lip brush to facilitate application, especially around the lip line. I also think I had a harder time as I am still definitely newer to makeup than most! I ended up unintentionally going just outside my lip line, so my lips are slightly exaggerated in these photos. These lipsticks are labelled as "Opaque Matte Lipsticks", however I found the final finish to be closer to a satin than a true matte. Impulse Cosmetics suggests using their lipstick mattifying powder to achieve the true matte appearance of the photos in their Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever lip swatch on the blog! I have recently acquired a metric butt-ton of makeup and figured that I should probably blog about that too... I actually have managed to hoard so much makeup and skincare that I got a Helmer to throw it all in!

This lipstick was just amazing to me - creamy, pigmented and very comfortable to wear. I didn't feel like this lipstick dried my lips, but I don't know if it provided any additional moisture either. Either way, I usually apply a thin layer of Maybelline Baby Lips before applying any type of lipstick.

All in all, I give this lippy 4/5 polish bottles - that half point was knocked off for not being truly matte.

I'd really love to know what you think of my first lippie post - email me some feedback or comment below!

Lexie xx


  1. You are gorgeous, and those swatches are really good!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too - great to see such good quality in an indie brand!

  3. I loooooove Two Timer on you - gorgeous! I reviewed Melancholy from the same range - it's not as satin-y by the sounds of it! x