So I have something a little different today - an app review. I know, it's a little odd, but as a person with at least one package on it's way to me from somewhere in the world at any given time, I need a way to easily keep track. That's where Parcel comes in. It's an app where you can put your tracking code (from nearly any postage company - USPS, DHL, NZPost to name a few) and it will have the tracking information on hand on your phone. So much easier than trying to access the USPS Track & Trace page on mobile!

So, here's what it looks like with a few tracking numbers entered. The app is free, however you can pay for a $1.99 per year subscription to be able to use the website, and enter an unlimited amount of tracking numbers. Without a subscription, you can only enter three.

Here's the screen where you enter it. I find that if you've already copied the number to the clipboard, it automatically shows up in the 'Number' field above. Be sure to select the right courier - it tends to default to USPS. You can also label each number, I find it handy to put the name of the online shop I got it from. 

And here's how it looks with an entered number. The number will show under where the courier name is - in this case under DHL Express. So far, I've had no issues with this app and I love how easy it makes waiting for online shopping! I'm the kind of person that loves looking up the tracking number to see where my stuff is. I hope this app is as helpful for you as it is for me :)

Lexie xx

Parcel is available on the AppStore and Google Play.


  1. thats so awesome actually. gonna see if they have it for android