Hey Girlies!

Today, I have the hardest polish EVER to photograph to show you. It's piCture pOlish Aurora, recently released as a LE. It has a blue-green-to-purple-to-pink-to-GOLD (at certain angles! Amazing!) multichrome base with multichrome glitter. The formula is a bit thin and sheer by itself, so to save the polish and boost opacity, it's best to layer one coat over black.

This is one of my favorite polishes. Ever. As impossible to photograph as it is, it's simply stunning in real life and I never get tired of watching the color shift on my nails.

And here's a macro shot for good measure. LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS. LOOK AT THEM.

So uh, yup this polish is really pretty and you need it. 

Lexie xx

piCture pOlish is available from these online retailers.

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