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Swatch & Review: piCture pOlish Aurora

Hey Girlies!

Today, I have the hardest polish EVER to photograph to show you. It's piCture pOlish Aurora, recently released as a LE. It has a blue-green-to-purple-to-pink-to-GOLD (at certain angles! Amazing!) multichrome base with multichrome glitter. The formula is a bit thin and sheer by itself, so to save the polish and boost opacity, it's best to layer one coat over black.

This is one of my favorite polishes. Ever. As impossible to photograph as it is, it's simply stunning in real life and I never get tired of watching the color shift on my nails.

And here's a macro shot for good measure. LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS. LOOK AT THEM.

So uh, yup this polish is really pretty and you need it. 

Lexie xx

piCture pOlish is available from these online retailers.


Review: The Saem Snail Hand Cream No.2 Lily

Hi everyone!

So as a nail blogger, I think it's pretty important to keep hands nicely moisturised. I know if I don't, mine become really dry and nasty - to put it short I can't stand not having hand cream at my desk or in my bag. Today, I'll be reviewing a hand cream I bought on a whim from Rose Rose Shop: The Saem Snail Hand Cream No.2 Lily. The other scents available are Freesia and Cherry Blossom.

It comes in a cute little snail-shaped 40ml jar, with different colors indicating the different scents. This hand cream is scented, but I personally don't find it too strong. It comes with a hygienic seal over the top (yay!) which is something which is really important to me in jar products. It has a very thick gel texture, however it sinks in quickly without being greasy. A lot of snail mucin products seem to have that quick-absorption benefit.

In addition to having snail mucin, it's formulated with Niacin, an ingredient known for lightening skin hyperpigmentation. It's also alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free (if that matters to you). I personally think it's unusual to have a jar product that's paraben free - jar products are easier to contaminate by dipping your fingers in, compared to a tube or pump dispensed product.

For me this is ideal to keep at my desk - I prefer tube packaging for a product I would bring everywhere with me. I also find this is sufficiently moisturising for my hands, but if you are someone with particularly dry hands, you might need something a bit more heavy duty.

Are hand creams important to you? Do you think you'll ever try any snail mucus beauty products? Let me know in the comments!

Lexie xx


Nail Art: Turquoise & Gold

Hey Girls!

So, when I usually try a tape mani, it usually ends in frustration as I just do NOT have the patience to wait for polish to dry before putting tape over it. Ugh. However, I finally gathered up what little patience I had to try a tape accent nail of China Glaze Angel Wings over Essie In the Cab-ana, and I'm super proud of how it turned out!

I applied two coats of Penelope Luz Midas over a base of Essie In the Cab-ana. I then CAREFULLY applied tape on my dry ring finger before applying 2 coats of CG Angel Wings. I coated everything with Glossy Glam (2 coats on the nails with Midas, as some of the gold flakes stuck out from the nail a little bit).

I'm so happy that I finally managed to successfully use tape on my nails! Also, this is probably one of my favorite manis I've ever done :)

Lexie x

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