Those of you who follow me on Instagram might know that I recently did Bestie Twin Nails with my friend Rei from Reinovate (she is super awesome go follow her blog)! We agreed on doing Togepi patterned nails with a Poké Ball accent nail. The Togepi evolution line is actually one of my favorites in the Pokémon game titles, and I think you'll soon see why :) For my nails, I freehanded blue and red triangles on white polish. The colors I used were Zoya Sooki, Essence Let's Get Lost!, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

I freehanded the triangles using nail art brushes (techncially liquid eyeliner brushes!) and did a Poké Ball accent nail on my thumb.

A solo shot of Rei's mani, from her Instagram! Doing Bestie Twin Nails was so much fun and I highly recommend doing it with someone who you know, or otherwise feel comfortable doing it with! I'm so happy Rei asked me to do BTN with her, I thought it was such a fun experience and would love to do it again :)

Have you ever done Bestie Twin Nails? Lemme know in the comments!

Lexie xx


  1. Both your manis are cute! Togepi is so adorable :D

  2. Haha hey my cell phone pictures didn't turn out too bad on here! I was glad to do it with ya <3