Today, I have a first for me - my first liquid sand. I also managed to snag this beauty off of NZSale and regret that I didn't buy more! I didn't really know what to expect from the texture of Tiffany Case, but knew it was one of the Liquid Sands which I wanted the most. Tiffany Case was originally released with the Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection. TC is a beautiful silvery-blue textured polish full of silver shimmer and glitters. I found it to be slightly green-leaning on my skin.

It was perfect in one coat, however I chose to go with 2 out of habit. I found that it wore REALLY well, considering that one must forgo topcoat with textured polishes. I personally didn't experience any staining with this polish, however it is known to be a stainer - so double up on your basecoat if you're unsure! Overall, I was SO happy I got this polish - it was prettier than I ever imagined it would be and I am definitely keen for more textured polishes in the future!

Lexie x