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Swatch & Review: Lime Crime Peaches ♥ Cream

Hi girls!

First of all, sorry for my absence. Uni finished some time ago and I foolishly thought I would have more time for polish - unfortunately my schedule doesn't work that way. Having holidays means having a more random schedule so it's harder to fit in polish, so I might have a couple more absences to come. I'm sorry - things will get back to normal in about a month. For the next couple weeks I'll be posting from Singapore, as I'm here visiting my parents :)

Onto the swatches!

Peaches <3 Cream is an AMAZING pastel-nearly-neon orange. It applied VERY easily, shown is 2 coats. It dries to a satiny finish, which can be made shiny if you like with some TC.

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime polishes yet?

- Lexie :)


Swatch & Review: KBShimmer Shipwreck

Hi ladies!

Today, I've got my first KBShimmer polish to show you! This is Shipwreak, a sheer teal jelly FULL of different sizes and colors of glitter. You can see the amazingness of this glitter in my macro below :)

I found the formula pretty sheer, and cursed that I didn't have a similar base color to layer over. This is 4 coats and you can easily see my VNL. It was easy to work with, and liked the distribution of glitter in multiple coats. I found it a little gritty to touch, so I used a thick layer of old topcoat before applying my regular Good to Go. Overall, I really love this polish! If you don't have a similar color to use as undies, I think this is so worth layering the coats on.

What do you girls think? Are you a fan of KBShimmer?

Lexie :)

KBShimmer polishes are available from their official website, Etsy, and Harlow & Co.


Holo Gradient Nail Art: A-England St. George and Tristam

Kia ora everyone!

I'm super proud of today's manicure, I took so many photos of it.. I had such a hard time deciding which ones to upload because I wanted to upload them all! I present to you... A gradient mani using A England's Saint George and Tristam. I love both of these polishes so much :)

Saint George and Tristam are two flawless, scattered holos from A England. Saint George is the teal, and Tristam is the lovely blurple. To me, Saint George is a color everyone should have - it's not too young or too old, has a flawless formula and just looks so damn lovely! I hope you love this mani just as much as I do. I used the makeup sponge technique for this gradient, and it turned out way better than any of my previous attempts... I guess I'm getting better?!

In other news, my UP Colors holos arrived today from Llarowe! I will swatch them for you very soon. :) I was a little bit anxious as to whether or not they would get here in one piece, but when I saw all the bubble wrap, that thought went right out the window :)

Is there a polish that you think everyone should have? Let me know!

- Lexie

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