Swatch & Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit

Hi lovelies!

Today, I'm reviewing the new Sally Hansen line of polish called the Miracle Gels. The Miracle Gel colours and top coat are specially formulated with an oligomer and a photoinitiator for a high-gloss finish without the need a UV/LED lamp, like traditional gel polish. Unlike traditional gels, or even regular polish, the system requires no basecoat - just apply two coats of your chosen Miracle Gel colour, apply the Miracle Gel Top Coat, and you're good to go.

The Miracle Gel system claims up to 14 days of colour & shine, and I was really interested to see if the products held up to that claim! I actually tried this twice, because the first time I ended up picking at my manicure, which would obviously impact the wear time considerably. Because of the extended wear claims of this product, I'm going to compare the wear time to a regular manicure.

 I was sent the colour "Birthday Suit" along with the Top Coat. Birthday Suit is a light nude polish, very office/work suitable. The first issue I had with this is the fact that I needed four coats of Birthday Suit for it to look opaque as it was SO streaky. I ended up using quite a lot of product, and I wonder if the extra two coats impacted on my previous experience with the product. This round, I chose to wear it with Essie Beyond Cozy as a feature/accent nail.

Day 1:
Beautifully shiny and glossy.

Day 2:
Right thumb chip. The polish is loose/peelable around the chip. At this point, I already wanted to remove my manicure. This never happens with regular nail polish.

Day 3:
No additional chips, just tip wear.

Day 4:
Glitter chipped, no additional chips.

Day 5:
Picked at glitter a bit, so that chipped a bit more. Right hand index finger chipped significantly.

Day 6 (Removal day):
Left hand
Right hand
In hindsight, I should have taken daily photos to showcase the wear over time. By the sixth day, I couldn't deal with the chips I had anymore and decided it was time to remove the polish. Aside from the chips, there were some 'wear lines' - I don't know how else to describe them. They are lines from your nail naturally bending and cracking the polish a little bit. You can see that the manicure didn't wear too badly on my left hand, but was awful on my right from the get go. Both times I tried this, it chipped in the exact same place the day after application - my right thumb. I never have this issue with my regular manicures. While I think 6 days is a reasonable wear time, I was disappointed that my manicure was not chip-free for at least a few days. I seldom wear nail polish for a week, but when I do I definitely have fewer chips than I do here. I just wish the Essie reflected this... That is definitely not normally how polishes wear on me.

I also found that this polish was not any more shiny or 'gel like' in appearance than any of my normal polishes used with a high-gloss top coat. The brush of the top coat also dragged on the polish, no matter how carefully I tried to apply it. Fortunately, the drag marks became less obvious as the polish and the top coat dried. On the positive side, I found that the top coat tried fairly quickly to a high-gloss finish.

The bottom line? I personally do not think that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels have any significant benefit over regular polish, at least for me. If you do want to try them, I would DEFINITELY suggest using a base coat. Base coats are non-negotiable for me - the right base coat makes such a difference in wear time!

Have you tried the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gels? Sound off in the comments.

Lexie xx

Sally Hansen Miracle Gels are available at Farmers nationwide, at RRP$19.99 for a duo set including one colour +  top coat, and RRP$16.99 for each individual colour.

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