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Lipstick Swatch: NYX Shocking Pink

Kia ora Girls,

Nyx Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink is a stunning blue-toned hot pink. It applies really nicely without any dragging, and does dry to a nice, matte finish. This lippy is seriously BRIGHT and it freaked my camera out! I think this color would definitely suit a wide variety of skintones :)

I found that this wore pretty nicely throughout the day, would probably be better with a bright lipliner though. A lot of people say online that this is a dupe for MAC Candy Yum Yum, however I don't have CYY so I can't compare the two. Hopefully it's not a case of "they're both hot pink so they are dupes" which I see with SO MANY PURPLE LIPPIES. Just cause it's purple doesn't mean it's the same as MAC Heroine. Just no.

Shocking Pink is excellent bang for your buck - Nyx Matte lipsticks are priced at just US$6 which I think is FANTASTIC for the quality of lippy that you get. I'm giving this a full five out of five!

Lexie x


  1. Nice swatch girl! Bold! I swear you can rock anything. Hmmm this makes me wanna try taking some lip swatches. We'll see lol.

    1. Thanks girl! You should do ittt :)

  2. Gah yes that drives me crazy with 'dupes' too! NO indeed!
    Love Shocking Pink on you <3

    1. LOL! Just the other day someone told me that Melt Cosmetics Darling was a good dupe for MAC Dodgy Girl. NO IT IS NOT! They're just both light purple! Aw thanks lady <3


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