Swatch & Review: Shimmer Adrienne

Hi lovelies!

I have a pretty sentimental polish to show you today. It's Shimmer Polish's Adrienne. The reason this has sentimental value for me is that my late grandmother's name is Adrienne, and I am partially named for her. She died when I was 6 because of breast cancer. Although I don't have many complete memories with her, she still means a lot to me and I miss her a lot. After she passed away, I couldn't comprehend that she was dead. Our family had a wake after her death, and I was told by my parents that I kept asking why no one was sitting next to Nanny, or talking to her and why she was so cold. Even during the funeral, I didn't realize she was gone; when it was time for us to walk to the coffin and lay our flowers on it, I apparently said to the ENTIRE church "That's not my Nanny! My Nanny is sleeping back at the farm!". It still didn't set in that she was gone until after the funeral when I saw my dad cry - the first and only time I have seen him do so. Nanny was cremated, and we sprinkled her ashes around a copper birch sapling. It has now grown to about 10 feet tall, and every time I visit my Poppa, I go and have a moment in front of the tree. My mom and I bring flowers, too.

I unofficially see this as an "In her memory" polish, and I'm glad that is is such a beautiful polish to boot - blue, gold, silver and red is a beautiful combination, and if she were here today, Nanny would have loved it :) Here I have layered it over UP Colors 360 Verde.

1 coat of glitter.

I hope you liked today's post! Do you own any polishes that hold sentimental value?

- Lexie :)

Shimmer Polish is available from Etsy and Shoppe Eclecticco.
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