Swatch & Review: Hare Medusa Luminosa

Hiya doves!

Today I have a polish from Hare's Illuminated Life collection, Medusa Luminosa. It is named for biolumuinsecrent jellyfish! The description given on Hare's website is "a bright purple jelly with gold glass flecks, pink microglitter and glowing blue hexes." This polish is JAM PACKED with glitter + glassflecks!!! Unfortunately the bright purple-ness of the polish made it nearly impossible to take a color-accurate photo; I corrected the photos best I could, but unfortunately they are still a tiny bit off. The first image is definitely closer in tone and brightness.

I found application to be super tricky, as the formula was fairly thick. Shown is 3 coats + topcoat. You can see that it is still a tiny bit gritty, but nothing 2 coats of TC or 1 coat of Gelous would fix. Overall, I'm not too sure how I feel about this polish. I felt a little let down by the formula and not too sure about the bright purple on my skintone - it's just not a color I normally gravitate toward. However, if the base color was similar to Hare's Cosmo Blossoms... <3 I would be in love :)

What do you think of Hare's latest collections? Hopefully when my No Buy is over, I'll be able to grab some more to review for you :)

- Lexie
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