Drippy nails with Lime Crime and Tanya!

Hi loves!

Today I have a first for this blog - nail art! However, I'm cheating a little bit because I didn't do this myself. It was done by my friend Tanya (check out her website! She is a super awesome makeup artist) when we had a little nail polish get together yesterday :) She used Lime Crime Lavendairy and Once In a Blue Mousse to do a drippy mani, which I have been wanting to do for sooo long! I find that Blue Mousse pulls a little greener on me than is shown, and looks closer to a turquoise or a light teal. Tanya managed to get Lavendairy on as a 1-coater (!!!) and painted the drips using a smaller makeup brush.

Whatcha girls think? Do you like drippy manis?

- Lexie :)

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