Swatch & Review: UP Colors Laser Lilas

Hi everyone!

Today I've got some swatches of a lovely holographic polish from Brasil! It's from a company called UP Colors and the color is Laser Lilas. It's a really lovely lilac color that can lean a little bit more pink in some lights. Also, I'm really sorry about that horrible ugly line on my nail - I was freaking out trying to find my camera charger and closed a drawer a little bit too vigorously... :(

I am super impressed with this polish! Application and formula were great, and it doesn't need an aqua base coat to apply - I used my regular base coat (Essie Protein Base Coat) on my pointer and my pinky, and didn't experience any application troubles or reduced holographic effect. Something that surprised me was how soft the brush was - when I first realized how soft it was, I had some concerns that it would make application tricky... How wrong I was! The brush fanned out easily and made application a dream. Dry time was quick, too. I experimented to see if the holographic effect was diminished with top coat, and applied it to my middle and pinky fingers. I noticed that my middle finger was a little bit less holographic in certain lights, but other than that, the decreased effect is not super noticable.

Overall, I think this is a great polish and would certainly purchase more from UP Colors. It has a better wear time than Layla holos, and while my photos failed to capure how truly holographic it is, it is a damn strong linear holo. I hope you like it as much as I do!

- Lexie

UP Colors polishes are available from Ninja Polish and Llarowe.
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