Swatch & Review: Darling Diva Polish Destiny

Hi everyone!

Today I'll be showing you DDP Destiny. It has a bright blue base full of holographic gold and white glitters with some blue hexes thrown in. It also has super cute teeny tiny holographic silver glitters! I used two coats of Essie Borrowed & Blue as underpants for this shade.

As you can see, B&B is a bit lighter than Destiny, but it's the closest I had. Application was okay, I had to poke around a couple of glitters on a few fingers but other than that, it was fine. With regard to the glitters, I was a little bit disappointed that the base was too opaque to let the holo-y goodness shine through! Look at how bright and reflective those glitters are in the bottle in the first photo. I also had a hard time getting the glitter out of the bottle - if you want to do a mani with this color, leave the bottle upside down for a few hours before hand.

However, all of those issues aside, I still think this is a super cute nail polish :3

- Lexie
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