Review: Móa The Green Balm

Kia ora girlies,

I thought you might like a more in-depth review of some of my Glam Pack goodies! First up, we've got a mini pot of Móa The Green Balm. It comes in a 15mL (it also comes in 50mL) package as a hard balm, but melts easily when you touch it. The website has a list of potential uses for this handy little product: soothing dry and flaky skin, healing chapped lips, soothing sore noses from colds, healing minor cuts/bruises... Anything, you name it! I think I'll primarily use it as a cuticle balm, but it's great that it's so multi-functional. A bag staple, for sure. However, something important to note is that this balm easily melts in warmth - if stored somewhere too warm, you might have a big oily mess on your hands. The ingredients are listed as:  

Coconut Oil (Moisturizing ingredient, gives balm 'structure'), Sweet Almond Oil (Also moisturizing), Soy Bean Oil (Again, moisturizing), Beeswax (Moisturizer and emulsifier*), Organic Yarrow Extract (Medicinal plant with many healing properties), Water, Tea Tree Oil (Another plant with healing properties - mostly anti-septic/anti-fungal), Chlorophyll (Antioxidant and natural colorant; found in all plants), Aroma (??) and Limonene (Helps with penetration of ingredients; also a naturally occurring component of Tea Tree Oil).

As you can see, this stuff is FULL of goodness! It smells faintly of Tea Tree, which I love :3 I get really put off by the lemony smell of Badger Balm's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, so this product is a great alternative. It absorbs like a dream and makes my cuticles look FANTASTIC! I think this is a great little product, I'm going to be gutted when it finally runs out. The only thing I am confused about (this is super pedantic, but it bothers me) is how Aroma is on the ingredients list, yet it is listed as Perfume Free. If someone could clear this up, that would be great!

- smells lovely
- use for everything
- organic/natural ingredients
- vegetarian
- paraben-free
- not tested on animals
- quick absorbing
- super moisturizing

I hope you guys liked my first non-nail polish review! What do you think of this handy little balm? Does another similar product have a place in your heart? (or purse?)

- Lexie

*An emulsifier is an ingredient which allows oils and water to mix.
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