Swatch & Review: Essie Navigate Her

Hi everyone!

Today I have a swatch of a pretty green polish from Essie called Navigate Her. It was released with the Spring collection this year, and I thought I'd put it on as Spring is finally here in the Southern Hemisphere!

I love this color! It is so fresh and crisp to me, and makes me think of things like avocados and freshly sprouting leaves :) Application was good, I was able to apply 2 coats for most fingers.

I realized something really annoying when I was doing my nails today, and it made me so grumpy! Whenever I paint my hand using my right hand, I can make a polish opaque in 2 coats and look damn good. When I use my left hand, ALL kinds of sh*t happens! I have to use 3+ coats, there's balding, there's bubbling, cuticles flooded, dragged the polish... Like I said, ALL kinds of sh*t! It annoys the crap out of me that my left hand looks so good after I've painted it, but my right looks like I did it blindfolded. Does this happen to anyone else? :(

Other than that tiny rant, I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like Essie, or do the tiny brushes annoy you?

- Lexie
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