Glitter Sandwich with Essie and NOPI

Hi everyone!

Today I've got a glitter sandwich to show you. I used Essie's Pink-a-boo and NOPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie. Pink-a-boo is a super cute (Super girly! This is my girliest mani. Ever.) sheer, glass-flecked pink. It's what I imagine A-England's Iseult to be like, except sheerer and more cool toned. The glass flecks reflect pink, blue and purple in the bottle - I tried to get a decent photo of it, but failed miserably :(

Sorry for the tiny shiny things around my nails, the glass flecks were difficult to remove! After I did my nails like this, my boyfriend said my nails looked like Hundreds & Thousands biscuits :3 For those who don't know, they look like this:

Image from:
 Nom nom nom. I may have to go out and buy some now...

Lexie :)

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