Swatch & Review: Darling Diva Polish Sparkler

Hi everyone!

Today I have a swatch of a gorgeous DDP Polish, Sparkler. I believe it is a My Little Pony inspired polish, so cute! It has a light, sparkley blue semi-sheer base filled with different types of glitter :) The glitters are small blue hexagons, purple squares, larger red hexagons, holographic diamonds and teeny tiny holographic glitters. I used Essie Borrowed and Blue as underpants for this shade, as the base was fairly sheer.

I found application to be tricky. I tried applying just one coat over Borrowed & Blue, but I found that I wanted more glitter on my nails so I applied a second. This was where things got annoying - the sheer base was clumpy and draggy on the first coat of polish that I made, and things nearly became a hot mess :( It was lumpy and kind of gritty from the glitter, and took 4 coats of topcoat before it was smooth as I wanted it to be. Also I felt like there was a bit to be desired from the base - I think it needed to be more jelly-like? Maybe I just need more practice applying it to get it perfect :)

Are you a fan of DDP? Or any other lovely indie brands?

Lexie :)
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