Nail Mail!

Hi everyone!

Today, I was super excited when I got home from uni because there was not only 1 parcel waiting for me, but 2!!! I also received one yesterday, but didn't post about it because I knew I would receive some more soon :)
All nicely bubble wrapped for safety! Something I love about getting nail polish online is all the bubble wrap you get to play with afterwards! I think I will never grow old of popping bubbles :)

In total, I got Darling Diva Polish Destiny and Sparker, nOPI Rainbow in the Sky-lie, China Glaze Solar Flare (these 2 are actually 2 months late!!) and Layla Flash Black Hologram Effect! I also got 2 lollipops because I got my Layla from, and the lovely lady who runs it always puts lollipops in her parcels :). Candygirl is a great website to get polish from if you are looking for a specific color and don't mind paying a little bit extra, or don't wait to wait for it to show up on TradeMe/Ebay. In my opinion, it is worth it because the customer service is so lovely and you get overnight shipping :) Also Lucy (I think her name is Lucy...) usually has the latest collections before TradeMe sellers do, so that's a plus. I totally wasn't paid to write that by the way guys, I just thought that it would be good for anyone who doesn't know about in NZ to know about it!

Also, check out these amazing glitters in DDP Destiny...!!! Can't wait to swatch this beauty!

Have any of you tried Darling Diva polishes before? Do any of you want me to swatch a particular polish first? Anyways, I hope you all are having a great week! I have a take-home test to complete, wish me luck :)

Lexie :)
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